Snow Removal can be Fun. Or Not.

As a property owner or resident you are responsible for the snow and ice on your sidewalks.  You have to clear it reasonably soon after a snowfall and if you want to receive your mail, keep a clear path for the postal carrier.

This can be fun.  You get a chance to go outside and get fresh air and exercise.  And the world after a snowfall can be magical with all the snow-covered trees and bushes.  There’s a sort of sparkly glow to the world.  And the other folks on the block and passersby may stop and chat or at least see you being a good neighbor which can’t help but lift your mood.

It can also be a pain.  It’s freezing cold out there, and you still have to fix breakfast and get the kids to daycare before driving yourself to work.  And you already did it three times this week, or was that four.?  Or its April in Calgary and enough already, you’re up for some gardening instead of plowing that heavy snow off the sidewalk again.  Or you’re a business owner and the phone is ringing and you have no time to scrape the ice off the walkway leading to the store.

Whatever your feelings on snow removal, good or bad, Superyards can help.   We can be there to remove snow when you need us and relieve some of the work in your life.


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Teens and Mowing Lawns

Lawn Care can be a Good Job for Kids

Lawn Mowing can be a Good Job for Kids

Is lawn mowing a good job for kids?

It definitely can be, but there are a lot of things for you and your teen to consider.  The job does have great flexibility, allowing your teen to fit work in around school, activities and a social life.  Mowing neighbors lawns also gives your teen a client base of sorts.  People that need their lawn mowed also need their kids babysat, their sidewalk shoveled in the winter and/or other random tasks your teen can do year round!

It’s also an outdoor job that keeps your teen close to the house.  Lawn mowing also pays surprisingly well in most places.  Most neighbors will pay $10-$20 for their lawn to be mowed, that’s a good amount of money for a teenager.  And grass grows all summer so there should be a solid amount of work.

There are downsides.  Safety is a big issue with lawn mowing, it’s your job as a parent to make sure your teen can be responsible with dangerous equipment.  Mowing will not be an option in every neighborhood as there may be a teen who has the market cornered.  The job also depends on good weather, so if you live in a rainy climate or a dry climate, jobs could be hard to come by.   This job is best in great climates like California.

Thanks for reading.

Superyards is here to help with all your Calgary lawn maintenance needs.

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The Return of the Reel Mower

Reel lawn mower made of wood

Old-fashioned reel mower is good for the environment and gives you a workout.

With green energy becoming more and more important, reel lawnmowers are starting to return in place of gas powered mowers.  Owners of small lawns are making the switch because of all the benefits that come from reel mowers.  These aren’t the big clunky ones that were around before the advent of gas lawnmowers, rather these are lighter, better designed reel lawnmowers that give you an easy, convenient and green way of cutting your lawn. There are many reasons to go with a reel lawnmower over a motor powered one.  First and foremost, let’s talk about results. Reel lawnmowers are better at cutting than motor powered because they shear rather than tear the grass.  Most motor powered mowers tear the grass which tends to lead to browning.  With a reel lawnmower you’ll get a greener lawn in more ways than one. Not only is a reel power lawnmower much better for the environment, your bank account will also thank you.  With no gas to buy, a reel lawn mower is much cheaper to use than its counterparts.  Even if it is more of a work out, you can buy yourself some beer with the money you save, and enjoy that after work beer taste. While mowing won’t always be easier with a reel mower, it sometimes will be.  It’s lighter and easier to lug around your yard.  Also, if you have to move it from place to place, you can easily throw it into your car or pick up.  You can’t do that with a gas powered mower!

Calgary Commercial maintenance

Power mowers don’t benefit the environment or your body.

The only maintenance you’ll need to do is some blade sharpening now and again, and a tiny bit of oil every once in a while.  This makes it a very easy and low stress machine to own. Reel lawnmowers are almost always cheaper than their gas powered competitors as well.  You should look to spend $100-$350 for a reel lawnmower.  You’ll have a hard time finding a gas powered mower for that price, and the reel will last you about 10 years. Thanks for reading.  For all your professional lawn care needs, Calgary lawn care specialist Superyards is here to help.

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How to Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Here is a wonderful article on lawn care by Wikihow.  Its advice is easy to read and to follow.  And we do not over fertilize as they complain about some professional lawn care companies.

If you want a lawn or yard that looks wonderful but don’t have time to do the work yourself, or would like a little help, Superyards can help you, we are the quality yard work specialists of Calgary.

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How to Heal Dog Areas in your Yard

Dogs can make bald patches in your lawn.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that areas in your lawn where your dog does his bathroom duties is dead or brown but the grass around it is much greener than the rest of your lawn.  Poop and pee contain a lot more of the nutrients lawns love and especially nitrogen, an ingredient in fertilizer.   But pee and poop contain too much of the nutrient.  The problem is that the urine and feces contain more nitrogen than the lawn can use or likes so it kills grass in the spot.   You can repair it by diluting the area with water from the hose after the dog goes or if it is too late for that and you already have dead areas, you can reseed using a lot of seed.  Make sure you water for the next month or so as the new sprouting grass can grow.  Lime dust is helpful too. too.

You can also train your dog with snacks to go in a small area.  Use gravel or cedar mulch on the area and clean up after your dog poops.  This will keep the dead spots off your lawn.

If you have a lot of brown or bare spots, Superyards can help.  We are Calgary lawn care experts.

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Snow Clearing in Calgary

Superyards knows there are two necessary ingredients to unsurpassable snow clearing in Calgary or elsewhere.  Promptness is of utmost importance.  So when hiring a contractor for snow removal be sure to establish clear guidelines of when the service should be completed after a snowfall.

The second essential element is the quality and care of the snow removal service provided. Superyards is always working with their clients with the result  of providing the best possible snow clearing service. So for Calgary snow removal call Superyards.

There are landscapers that love landscaping and working outdoors…and you have found them here.

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The evolution of the spring clean-up

A wave of enthusiasm for the environment has affected many industries for the better. At Superyards we have come up with an exciting way to allow homeowners to participate in creating an optimum environment–in their very own yard. Homeowners with the desire to work in their own yards can do so with Superyards providing the services that require heavy lifting, rentals, and line-ups at the Home Depot. Superyards will professionally power rake and aerate your lawn for as little as $89. The homeowner contributes by raking up the grass and enjoying a day in his/her own environment. Incredible value with impressive benefits!

Another way in which Superyards is committed to finding year round maintenance solutions for our customers.

Of course Superyards also offers full service spring clean-ups as well. Exceptional care leads to a Superyard!

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