How to Heal Dog Areas in your Yard

Dogs can make bald patches in your lawn.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that areas in your lawn where your dog does his bathroom duties is dead or brown but the grass around it is much greener than the rest of your lawn.  Poop and pee contain a lot more of the nutrients lawns love and especially nitrogen, an ingredient in fertilizer.   But pee and poop contain too much of the nutrient.  The problem is that the urine and feces contain more nitrogen than the lawn can use or likes so it kills grass in the spot.   You can repair it by diluting the area with water from the hose after the dog goes or if it is too late for that and you already have dead areas, you can reseed using a lot of seed.  Make sure you water for the next month or so as the new sprouting grass can grow.  Lime dust is helpful too. too.

You can also train your dog with snacks to go in a small area.  Use gravel or cedar mulch on the area and clean up after your dog poops.  This will keep the dead spots off your lawn.

If you have a lot of brown or bare spots, Superyards can help.  We are Calgary lawn care experts.


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