The Return of the Reel Mower

Reel lawn mower made of wood

Old-fashioned reel mower is good for the environment and gives you a workout.

With green energy becoming more and more important, reel lawnmowers are starting to return in place of gas powered mowers.  Owners of small lawns are making the switch because of all the benefits that come from reel mowers.  These aren’t the big clunky ones that were around before the advent of gas lawnmowers, rather these are lighter, better designed reel lawnmowers that give you an easy, convenient and green way of cutting your lawn. There are many reasons to go with a reel lawnmower over a motor powered one.  First and foremost, let’s talk about results. Reel lawnmowers are better at cutting than motor powered because they shear rather than tear the grass.  Most motor powered mowers tear the grass which tends to lead to browning.  With a reel lawnmower you’ll get a greener lawn in more ways than one. Not only is a reel power lawnmower much better for the environment, your bank account will also thank you.  With no gas to buy, a reel lawn mower is much cheaper to use than its counterparts.  Even if it is more of a work out, you can buy yourself some beer with the money you save, and enjoy that after work beer taste. While mowing won’t always be easier with a reel mower, it sometimes will be.  It’s lighter and easier to lug around your yard.  Also, if you have to move it from place to place, you can easily throw it into your car or pick up.  You can’t do that with a gas powered mower!

Calgary Commercial maintenance

Power mowers don’t benefit the environment or your body.

The only maintenance you’ll need to do is some blade sharpening now and again, and a tiny bit of oil every once in a while.  This makes it a very easy and low stress machine to own. Reel lawnmowers are almost always cheaper than their gas powered competitors as well.  You should look to spend $100-$350 for a reel lawnmower.  You’ll have a hard time finding a gas powered mower for that price, and the reel will last you about 10 years. Thanks for reading.  For all your professional lawn care needs, Calgary lawn care specialist Superyards is here to help.


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